Online Health and Wellbeing

Looking for a partner to assist you in creating your online health and wellbeing?

Concepts4Life specializes in

  • program enrollment
  • online engagement
  • education and tools for health ambassadors
  • a holistic approach to health and wellbeing including all factors contributing to success.
Program setup

We help you tailor your platform to meet the needs and requirements of your community, including

  • choice of platform
  • frequency and release of content
  • optimal usage of e-mails to create interest and enrollment from new members
  • automation of newsfeed including regular newsletters
  • content creation
  • campaign set-up
Focus on user experience, accessibility and accountability
  • Accessibility from all devices
  • Usage of social media
  • Create a solid foundation and offer step by step growth
  • How to push your members to actively engage in their personal growth
Ambassador programs
  • Education and ongoing training of the ambassador to better understand and address the different factors contribution to optimum health
  • How to help the ambassadors engaging the members
  • Creating an ambassador network to enhance motivation among ambassadors
  • Toolbox with activity ideas

Examples of currently running programs

365 days with focus on your health and wellbeing. Be the champion of YOUR life.

Small daily steps and a firm kick in the butt.

Online network and activities for companies who cares for the wellbeing of their employees.